Strategies Of Magic #2 was presented as a part of the performance project Funeral Charade Of Poses – Ein Abend Mit Freundinnen Und Basso. On this occasion, magic assistance and handling of firearms  was provided by Clara Lopez and the performance was carried out in cooperation with the Naked Cleaning Crew. The event took place at Theater Hebbel Am Ufer 1 in Berlin in September 2011 and constituted the finale and the end of the cultural platform basso berlin in Kreuzberg after 7 years of amazing events and arrangements.

Other participating artists in the event were Adi Khalif, Angeldust, Annika Eriksson, Baltazar Castor, Beatrice and Lisa Jugert with Camilla Storgaard, Doireann D., Trine Lund, Anna Mields, Bernhard Wolf Koppmeyer, Chloe Griffin & Gwenaël Rattke, Christophe Chemin, Daniel Cremer, Daniel Wang, Denise Palma Ferrante, Discoteca Flaming Star & Guests, Femme Façade, Francisco Berna, Heike Föll, Jean-Michel Wicker, Johannes Paul Raether mit Frank Eickhoff und Rein Vollenga, Jon Campbell, Karl Holmqvist, Lemercier, Linda Franke, Lynda Revol, Malin Arnell, Nösler, Pedro Castro, Philip Wiegard with Neda Sanai, Norbert Witzgall, Thomas Bratzke & Ryotetsu Masuda, Sabina Maria van den Linden, Sebastian Lee Philipp, Sergio Roger, Susanne M. Winterling, Voin de Voin & Andrew Ferron Smith, Wolfgang Müller, Yorgos Sapountzis and Yusuf Etiman

text, poetry and magic: annika lundgren
magicans assistant: clara lopez
music: various artists