Skenkamelia  (Stewartia Pseudocamellia)

In the piece Skenkamelia (Stewartia Pseudocamelia) I perform a monologue while planting, watering and fertilizing a specimen of a Stewartia tree. The performance concerns the difficulty of dealing with things that cannot be submitted to the distinct categories according to which we arrange and understand the world. Through my story, I draw a parallel between the unorganized genetic mass of vegetation and the complicated social mechanisms that must be negotiated in society to allow for co-existence between individuals with different background, experiences and preferences. Skenkamelia took place in Azaleadalen in Slottskogen, Gothenburg and was presented as a part of the celebrations of Tombola Art Event. The tree now constitutes a permanent artwork in the park. 

The text manuscript can be found in the "text"-section.