As Yet Undefined - exhibition

In the piece As Yet Undefined I removed all mediating text in the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Cultural History in Grenaa, Denmark. 

My point of departure was the Western inclination to divide what we experience into separate categories, defined by science and cultural notions. In a time of various escalating disasters, we gradually realise that things are intertwined in a different and more intimate way than we have come to believe. We must learn to understand the connections between phenomena that we have previously kept apart to understand the complexity of the world we live in. Through my intervention I tried to find out what happens when the images and objects of the exhibition stand alone, left to communicate without the edict of human definition. 

As Yet Undefined was a part of the exhibition Jordtegn, curated by Henrik Majlund Toft, Kamilla Jørgensen and Tanja Nellemann Kruse.

Other participating artists: Angela Rawlings, Caroline Bergvall, Cia Rinne, Frans Jacobi, Hartmut Stockter, Henrik Majlund Toft, Jens Settergren, Kamilla Jørgensen, Karin Lind, Tanja Nellemann Kruse
Exhibition venues: the Museum of Cultural History in Grenaa,