When I got my drivers license I had twenty-twenty-vision

I realize that now I'm in a different division

On the freeway I can't read the exit-signs until it's too late

so I always do arrive in places dictated by fate

In this way I get to meet a lot of people that I wouldn’t

if my eyes-sight was without a fault and perfect and I shouldn't

be complaining, and I'm really not, I just wanted to say

that I'm not so sure that I will make it home to you today

I think sometimes about the things I might be missing out on

by being in different place than I’d initially count on

but today I saw a sleeping blue horse dancing down a street

and you do have to admit that that is really hard to beat

So I think I will be sticking with this less than perfect sight

that allows me to be viewing things in quite a different light

Most glasses make you ugly, and besides it's plain to me

that I really couldn't handle any more stuff than I see