Winter Is Coming - On Spirits and Populists     

Winter is Coming inquires into the relationship between spiritualist practices and the new species of right wing populism that has been emerging in the political landscape over the last 15 years. The investigation involves issues of voice and representation, of the role of the medium (and the media) and of the desire for a vision that contains a higher purpose. Some cultural references used in my reflection on those matters are the contemporary TV-series Game of Thrones and Allan Kardecs publication The Spirits’ Book from 1857. The resulting body of work consists of spoken text, performative gestures, images, video and sound where different parts has been presented both as an installation and as several performances. 

presented at

13FESTIVALEN, Gothenburg (performance)
Galerie Image, Århus (performance)

Skogen, Gothenburg (performance)
Galerie NTK, Prague (installation)

above: performance in Århus

above: installation in Prague 

above: performance in Gothenburg