research, articles and lectures

A text written as an introduction to a publication by John Huntington and Per Arne Sträng. The book documents the 513 actions that the artist duo, known as Kanslibyrån, has carried out as a part of their project Aktionsarkivet. 

An English version of the above.

An introduction written for the exhibition catalogue of the graduating Bachelor Class of Fine Arts at the Valand Academy in 2017. Teaching at the institution at the time, I had worked with the students during the year

A conversation with Gregory Sholette on art, academism and activism, following his participation in the seminar with the same name, arranged as a part of my research project Performing Resistance. The interview was published in Paletten Magazine the same year.

An article based on the research paper below, published in Paletten Magazine the same year.

A research paper written in collaboration with professor Mona Lilja from the faculty of Social Studies, University of Gothenburg.en forskningsrapport författad i samarbete med Mona Lilja, professor i humaniora och samhällsvetenskap och medgrundare av nätverket RESIST