Platt Jord / Flat Earth     

Flat Earth consists of a series of scripted readings, performed by three voices and three bodies. Here, speech becomes a simultaneously material and non-material medium while the omission of words become precarious states of tension and attention. 

Thematically, the readings consider the concept of truth and reflects upon what production of knowledge that may be the outcome of the friction and gaps between the countless informations, opinions, experiences and positions that make up the discourse in present-day society.   What happens when the polarised, black-and-white understanding of what is true and false unfolds into a chaotic and complex grey area? What new perspectives emerge in the interference between different views of the world when the borders between them dissolve? Who owns the definition of the truth? And how does what we experience relate to what we know?

The piece was performed in four parts on Saturdays during the exhibition period, where each reading explored the issues from a different aspect.

manuscript & concept: Annika Lundgren
readings: Ellen Skafvenstedt, Tove Posselt & Annika Lundgren 
presented at: Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg along with an exhibition by Goda Palekeite as a part of the Konstepidemin AIR Residency Program. 

Halfway through our exhibition, Goda and me made an artist talk where we read aloud the mail conversation that preceeded the exhibition as a way of explaining the relation between the two exhibitions and the issues and fields of interest that we have in common.