A Forest is a Forest is a Forest  

Dialogue in Rya Forest was a multidisciplinary conversation arranged by the Club Anthropocene Forest Group. The Rya forest nature reserve is a small primeval forest with a great richness of species, paradoxically situated between an oil refinery and a wastewater treatment plant in the middle of the industrial area in Hisingen.

The event was arranged as a walking lecture led by forest engineer Martin Jentzen who spoke about the forest's processes and ecological forestry in relation to the site. Along the way, his address was perspectivized by a series of performative artistic contribution, where my own consisted of a speech with the title A Forest is a Forest is a Forest and which can be found in the text-section. 

Participants: Forest Engineer Martin Jentzen and artists Fröydi Laszlo, Patricia Vane, Annika Lundgren, Marie Bondeson, Julia Boström, Camilla Johansson Bäcklund, Ilona Huss Walin.