Parlör i Kristid - Användbara Ord och Uttryck
Phrase Book in a Time of Crisis - Useful Words and Expressions

Phrase Book in a Time of Crisis was a reading piece and my contribution to Taler Til Tiden - a series of speeches curated by Office of Emergency in Copenhagen. It was performed in collaboration with artist Nanna Gro Henningsen who translated my Swedish phrases to Danish, where the gap between our respective narratives increased as the speech progressed.

from the press text:
There seems to be a relatively broad consensus regarding the opinion that all is not well with the world. When it comes to evaluating the situation, formulating the problem and taking action, however, the division is a fact. Under those circumstances, how can we as citizens come together to create change? Phrase Book in a Time of Crises investigates what happens when our language and our views of the world diverge.

Text and reading: Annika Lundgren
Translation: Nanna Gro Henningsen