Undergången / The End
- a performative reading with consumer-focus and relationship-building content

The End addresses the experience of loosing your grip on the world in a reality where the familiar has become ambiguous and precarious and where the line between what is and what seems to be is gradually erased.

Faced with a hyper-advanced capitalistic mimetic, the difference between "content" and "meaning"is no longer evident, and in the brutal merging of words from the corporate and the human vocabulary, grotesque hybrids emerge.

As a parallell score, The End examines itself as staged performance, and reflects on the end as a permanent, repetitive condition rather than a distant horizon.

Manuscript and scenography: Annika Lundgren
Readers: Ellen Skafvenstedt, Klara Gibson, Tove Posselt och Annika Lundgren
Exhibition venue: Skogen, Göteborg